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Be Inspired: Maya Angelou

In the 1950s Maya Angelou had been a dancer and stage actress, and she was active in the civil rights movement; she became a coordinator for the Southern Christian Leadership Conference, thanks to a request from Martin Luther King, Jr. During the 1960s she spent five years in Africa, working as a journalist and a teacher. Maya Angelou returned to

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How to Feel Self-Confident

Hollywood producer and author of A Curious Mind Brian Grazer explains his guiding principle—that following our innate curiosity can lead to a bigger life—and how certain questions can help you connect with almost anyone. 1. The Situation: A meeting with your boss where you want to stand out from the average employee Best Questions to Ask: “What are you hoping for?” “What are

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Foam Mattress vs Spring vs Latex

Sleep plays an integral role in the holistic well-being of every individual.  Getting the right amount of rest and sleep is as important as having a balanced diet.  Having less slumber disrupts one lifestyle – psychologically and physically.  “Picking the right mattress is a crucial step in having a good sleep,” says Mario from sylvia bazaar.  It is a decision that must

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Are There Health Benefits To Probiotics?

When you think of living a healthy lifestyle, eating bacteria probably isn’t something you think about. But did you know there is actually such a thing as “friendly” bacteria (known as probiotics)? And we should include it in our diets just like we take vitamins and minerals to safeguard our health. What are probiotics? The term refers to “friendly” bacteria

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Book: The Mirror Within

On January 25, 2019, Darnell is scheduled to re-release, what he considers to be his first collection of inspiring and provocative poems, along with unforgettable short stories, and thought-provoking illustrations. The soon to be released poetry book, “The Mirror Within 2.0” explores the understanding of authentic love; the unforgettable experience of sex; the fading of passion; the risks of trust;

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3 Reasons Why Autonomous Vehicles Will Be Here Sooner

In today’s fast moving world, technology and new inventions are popping up every day, making life easier on us. The auto and transportation industry is no different. We have seen this industry progress very quickly in the past few years. Seeing the invention of electric vehicles, more efficient vehicles and now including the amount of autonomous safety features, the question

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